7 thoughts on “Hypothetically

  1. Erin

    I think I’d probably forward it to anyone who has ever forwarded me pointless junk. And I’d send it twice to people who forward me things from forever ago, like that “Microsoft is going to give me five dollars per person if YOU forward this email to all your friends and enemies.”.

    Also, to all my enemies.

  2. Cindy Scroggins

    I have a friend who gave a dollar to the Republican Party about 20 years ago. Ever since, he’s been on countless mailing lists (paper mail, that is). When he gets a GOP mailing that includes a postage-paid envelope, he stuffs all of his junk mail into it and drops it in the mailbox.

  3. Aaron Winslow

    I take every message I receive seriously and respond to each thoughtfully and with thanks.

    Dear Clarissa,

    Thank you for your charmingly titled message. I will take two of the cummslotz, but please none of the gyant wads of gizs. If it’s not too expensive, I’d like to upgrade the cummslotz to horney. Bill me at your convenience.


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