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While everyone ponders their favorite posts, there’s something else I’d like to throw out there in the consideration pile.First: What is clusterflock? This is for the ‘about’ page that with launch with the new design. Instead of a manifest, we’re going to have a string of statements. For example, Clusterflock is a weblog without definition. or Clusterflock is a group of people who have largely never met each other in meatspace. You get the idea. Be wordy or concise. There are no rules.Second: Links to sites we recommend. Currently our list is short, but there are lots of places around the web that deserve our clusterlove. Personal sites of flockers will automatically be included, along with the eight currently listed in the right column. What else would you include? I’d encourage everyone to share around three or so, but again, no rules.

24 thoughts on “Clusterflocker homework

  1. Deron Bauman

    Okay, I’ll go first. Chris suggested each of us write what clusterflock means to us for the new about page and that each of us contribute links to sites we recommend so everybody jump in here when you have the chance. This is more than just homework. This is history, people!


    clusterflock is a group blog dedicated to pretty much everything.

    felt up:


    The Reverse Cowgirl:

  2. Sheila Ryan

    May I cheat and recycle a response from the thread of comments that unspooled from Deron’s “favorite post” question?

    Boys in frocks. Boys and cocks. That’s what we like at clusterflock.

    Naw, I don’t want to do that. I won’t do that. I’ll do my homework right.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Well, gee, thank you, Deron. Of course, it would help the uninitiated if “frocks and cocks” were linked to the sources of my . . . inspiration: your ab-fab self-portrait and Andrew’s rooster post.

    Still, I believe that I will consider the question that Chris posed and try to come up with a fresh answer.

  4. Chris Glass

    I’m agreeing with Deron, Sheila. Keep it.

    As for me, Clusterflock is a place I don’t post to enough. It is also filled with a group of people I would like to meet at a party.


    Yewknee on my favorites tag in the reader.

    Intensify Rachel makes me smile.

    kitsune noir Design and media appreciation.

  5. Joshua Conner

    Clusterflock is dot org. (I just accidentally went to us dot com. Don’t do that.)

    Clusterflock is thoughts, questions, original art and content and links to stuff we think is of interest.

  6. Sheila Ryan

    Hmm, since you gave me “Pinky Diablo” and I gave you “A Case of Curiosities”, does that mean each of us gets one more vote?

    Probably not. Okay, it’s time for me to stop dithering. I’d like to nominate a site that would impress everyone with my sophistication and intellectual depth, but then who knows how long it might take me to come up with Site #3?

    A little while longer.

  7. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    Clusterflock is a group blog inhabited by Internet hunter gatherers in the pre-apocalyptic realm. Flockers forage intellectual sustenance in the vast tubes of the Internets and report their findings.

    Flockers are fine looking specimens: strong, fit, stark-naked—the very model of noble Internet scavenger.

    During periods of want, need, drought, Flockers may huddle together and share pornographic cave paintings or poop stories.

    The end result: clusterflock offers constellations of stimulating links to popular (and not so popular) culture.

  8. Michael Grant Smith

    I like Kathy’s description, but I would, wouldn’t I?

    Here are some that I came up with last summer when I was working on optimizing clusterflock. I took the existing slogan/meta tag and did some variations:

    57 words, 300 characters, 356 characters and spaces

    clusterflock is a group blog dedicated to culture: art, design, music, food, architecture, science, travel, society, movies, books, typography, politics, gossip, news, urban life, the media, etc. We also think it’s funny when someone gets locked out of their car during a rainstorm. clusterflock is about the world in which we live. Do you live there, too?

    37 words, 200 characters, 236 characters and spaces

    clusterflock is a group blog dedicated to culture: art, design, music, food, architecture, science, travel, movies, books, politics, etc. Why experience life when it’s easier to read what smart, funny, savvy people have to say about it?

    34 words, 190 characters, 223 characters and spaces

    clusterflock is a group blog dedicated to culture: art, design, music, food, architecture, science, travel, movies, books, typography, politics, etc. clusterflock is about the world in which we live. Do you live there, too?

  9. Rick Neece

    I live there, Michael! Y’all! Oh, how I live there! I wish it weren’t an hour past my usual bedtime. Clusterflock is “inclusive of geezers!” Wait, is that me? Clusterflock is “inclusive of folks with one foot in the realm of

    Links to come, if I don’t press the time-frame beyond its endurance.

    I’m just happy to get to see y’all and be included in your number.

  10. Rick Neece

    OK, Here’s my real answer: Clusterflock is the social network I never thought I’d join. That is, I never thought I’d join, engage, enjoy being part of an online community, but I did, I do. (Can I reserve the right to wordplay with this sometime in the future?)

    Lately been looking at this, it’s our roommate Becky’s Brother-in-Law’s blog. He makes me smile. (I asked if he might like to “join” haven’t heard back yet.)

    And this, though I owe recent posts a good going over:

    And this, if the author promises to get “back on the stick,” and post something new.

    (Deron, Chris, can my personal blog be linked to my name in categories, if that’s how you’re doing it in the new look & feel? It’s:

  11. John Buaas

    I liked Michael’s first definition (the one that includes getting locked out of the car) and Rick’s one about the social network (though I’ve been a relative wallflower in this particular network).

    A Lake County Point of View. Hank’s forte is long posts (like this one) that dizzyingly and playfully demonstrate the interconnectedness of all knowledge–complete with footnotes-within-footnotes and intellectual joie de vive.

    3 Quarks Daily. The first time I ran across Clusterflock, I thought (in a friendly way), “Oh! This is like 3QD for people with ADHD.”

    Matthew Yglesias. Not just (to my mind) smart politically; his blog’s rhetorical weapon of choice isn’t bombast but the good old fashioned exercise of critical thinking skills and a dry, wicked wit. But how can someone so smart prefer pro basketball over the college game?

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