14 thoughts on “Band names from “The Wire”

  1. Joshua Conner Post author

    Okay, here are some more:
    – Slim Charles (or The Slim Charleses or The Slims Charles)
    – The Western (or The Eastern or The Western District Way)
    – D’Angelo (taken?) – on a similar note, The Game
    – Sergeant Carver
    – The Title 3’s
    – Mr. Prezbo
    – The Greeks
    – Hamsterdam

  2. Cindy Scroggins

    I knew it!! I’m surprised you didn’t drum up some squirrel bigotry to go with it.

    I’m watching you, Winslow.

  3. Michael Katz

    Winslow’s afterthought, The Lawyerly Affectations, is my favorite. Also a big fan of Pawn Shop Unit.

    Some of these might be better as song titles…
    Chain of Command
    Bubbles Depot
    Prop Joe
    Play or Get Played
    Bubbles and Bunk
    Shakima Griggs
    Tweedy Impertinence
    Cutty and the Mama Tappers
    WMD and the Pandemic
    Always Boris (for a Russian band)
    Snoop Loved That Nail Gun
    Brother Mouzone and the Bow Ties

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