Christopher Walken

UPDATE: If you are looking for the story of the @cwalken account go here.

clusterflock is conducting an experiment. I have created a user account called Christopher Walken. The password is morecowbell. Anyone may use this account to make a post on clusterflock. You can log in here to post:

What are the rules?

Don’t be an idiot. If you’re an idiot, I’ll delete your post.

Otherwise, have fun, do anything you want. The Christopher Walken account may be used to promote something you’re doing that you’re proud of, as a sort of PostSecret for clusterflock, a way to point out something cool or funny or interesting. Really, for anything. Again, just don’t be an idiot.

Also, if you want to put your real name in the post, that’s fine, and if you want to point to your own site, that’s also fine. I may do some format editing until people get a handle on the house rules. Once we’ve lived with this for a while, we’ll decide whether to make it permanent.

Have fun.

Leave questions in comments.

41 thoughts on “Christopher Walken

  1. Joshua Conner

    Can we use a fake name so we don’t get sued? If I’d skipped a day of CF, I’d be really confused tomorrow.

  2. Deron Bauman

    if we got sued by Christopher Walken, that would be awesome.

    right now this is an experiment.

    once we decide if it’s permanent we’ll make sure it’s obvious what we’re up to.

  3. Kyle Wegner

    I’m not sure how big of a problem this might be, but as Christopher Walken I can edit any post written by Christopher Walken. I know y’all are probably screening posts as they come by, but keep track of older posts too.

    Is it bad that I do not trust people to play by the rules?

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  15. Pascal Ébert

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Christopher Walken’s people had stumbled upon the Twitter version of this community account and taken it over for themselves? Now that would be poetry.

  16. Phil Bebbington

    I was devastated when the true identity of Batman was revealed – no-one dare tell me who Christopher Walken is – which pretty much answers itself. I probably need a drink to make sense of this.

  17. Ashley

    This makes me so sad. I spent all morning reading the old posts thinking there were the real Christopher Walken’s. I read every post as if he was the one reading them to me.

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  19. sku

    erghh… i was really hoping it was him. it sounds like i think he talks… so that much i appreciate :)

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  21. woofmutt

    Anything that makes me laugh is fine by me. The CW tweets have been inspiringly good. Anyone put off by it not being the real deal celebrity should stick to E!

  22. aagh itsgone

    Agh! Even if they weren’t the real Chris Walken, they were amusing and now the account is gone!

    RIP, irony.

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