April 29, 2008

Dear Serial Killer

A man writes letters to serial killers, posing as a ten year old, asking for advice on whether he should drop out of school. The serial killers respond.

(via kottke, boing boing)


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    […] Cheney’s wasn’t bad either. Arnold Schwarznegger’s was a bit of a let down. (via cf) In the late ’90s, pop-culture historian Bill Geerhart had a little too much time on his […]

  2. Jeff Ventura on April 29th, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Ted makes his capital “G”s strangely.

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    […] just ran across this deeply disturbing page on Clusterflock. It links to a story about a journalist who posed as a 10 year old boy, Billy, who sent letters to […]