King Solomon and His Followers — A Valuable Aid to the Memory

A few years ago, a then-girlfriend gifted me this genuine Masonic handbook, printed in 1920, as a Christmas present. (I wish everyone had such a good understanding of my tastes.) The entirety of the manual is written in nigh-impenetrable code and shorthand, save passages like that in the middle of the left-hand page, quoting from Genesis.

From what I’ve read, Freemasons technically are disallowed from using printed guides like these, for the exact reason of dissemination by persons like myself. Seeing as it was published prior to 1923, it’s all public domain under U.S. copyright law anyhow. But even so, leafing through something so painstakingly shrouded in secrecy is still mildly creepy.

77 thoughts on “King Solomon and His Followers — A Valuable Aid to the Memory

  1. T.Rye


    Wow. It certainly is a testiment to your character and intelligence (or lack there of) if all you are capable of is making vulgar and insulting comments toward individuals who are trying to engage in a meaningful dicussion.

  2. Daryl Scroggins

    Do you ever feel like you have been shit on–and not in a good way? I get the feeling some people smile hard way before anything happens to warrant it, because they just know the whole world will be delighted to have the telephone book read to them. Isn’t there some Free Mason site where people like T.Rye et. al. can print big piles of comments like this and get their dogs in there in it with a few cans of beef stew and a large tub of vaseline and just go at it?

    Fuck it, let’s go bowling.

  3. T.Rye

    Not to worry Mr. Scroggins. I fully intend to leave this site once I receieve a final response from ‘MM’. You will never have to view my posts again, and you and your associates can go on with your various meaningful discussions of bowling and genitalia.

  4. Cindy Scroggins

    Mr. Rye, to be serious for a moment, I’m sure that you and MM have not stopped to think about the fact that you have been commenting on a nearly 2-year old post to this blog–OUR blog. We do welcome comments, but when those comments begin to resemble bizarre dissertations, we take notice–and, in this case, it has become a source of amusement for us.

    You have been using our site for your own interests, and we have allowed that. You’re welcome.

  5. T.Rye

    @Ms. Scroggins-

    First of all, thank you indeed, for allowing me to use your site to engage in these dicussions. I never intended for them to take-on their current form, and I therefore apologize for deviating from any type of decorum previously established on this site. Obviously you have the right to be entertained and even critical of my comments, but you have to admit- some of your members are bordering on insulting. The comment referring to “fucking my mother in the ass” was totally unprovoked and extremely insulting.

  6. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    T.Rye, you haven’t seen insulting. You want insulting? Go fuck your boring self-important Mason self, okay?

    Deron, pictures please.

  7. T.Rye

    Fuck all of yall and go straight to Hell with your dogs right behind you fucking you in the ass with a strap-on!

    There, how was that?

  8. Daryl Scroggins

    Oh, T.Rye–now you’re getting the hang of it. Of course my interest in Masonry is the Ruuuuuunes on my ass. They are the sneaky kind–the kind that fade out the instant I look for them. I try to catch them off guard, as it were, in reflections, with cameras, and just the plain old quick look–fast, I mean fast, and sometimes, for a glorious instant, I see them! Haven’t been able to read them yet but I Will! I’ll get’em! And when I do I’ll past the news on to you, of course, since you are probably looking at the ruuuuuunes on your ass too.

  9. Michael Grant Smith

    That’s it. I want to be a Mason.

    I just want to make sure the appropriate parties get due credit. I heard there’s a monetary consideration involved. Commission.

    If I put up a little extra something something, could I skip ahead a few levels?

    I apologize if I sound like I’m mocking or teasing. I’m not. I’m serious.

    I’ll bring my own stones or balls or whatever is helpful.

  10. rebecca yarbor

    i have recently come into possesion of my grandparents book it is dated 1902 no.11 NEB my pages differ from yours my page 10 says e.a. then on to other things .reg business is on page 8.

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  12. Clipper Ordiway

    A friend gave me a copy King Solomon and His Followers N.J.
    She was going to throw it away. It is copyrighted (I think it says 1900. The typist messed up the last number)and revised in 1918.
    The original owner put his name inside:
    B. E. Colman
    B(unlegable) N.J.
    F.& A.W. Arcaya(?) #67
    Nov. 1918

    I also have:
    The Standard Work and Lectures of Ancient Craft Masonry
    In the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Free Masons of the State of New York
    Copyright 1960 by Edward R. Carmen

    The owner put his name inside:
    George A. Colman

    My friend was going to throw this away as well.

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