21 thoughts on “Lexicon

  1. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    Well, yes.
    Where were you on Monday when I needed anniversary sentiments to share with MGS? You were getting tanked with my muse, weren’t you?

  2. jandek

    An ass hat is a gentleman who has hair parted down the middle, with two assish wings of hair presiding over his majestic dome.

  3. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    Ah! A “butt part”.
    I hadn’t heard this term before, but last week I Photo-shopped a mullet on a co-worker’s press photo. He said, “Lower the hairline and add a butt part, and you’ve got me in high school.”
    ass hat = butt part?

  4. jandek

    Oh indeed. Perhaps an ass-hat has that extra inescapable error of looking more of a hat made of hair. Unnatural at every turn, the asshat.

  5. Sheila Ryan

    “Ass hat” just doesn’t come naturally to me. “Wig hat”: yes.

    And “shit hooks”.

  6. Rick Neece

    “Ass-wipe” doesn’t have the tooth of any of y’all’s suggestions. Still I use it.

    “Cunt,” I use in the darkest of moments (either male or female) and “twat” for slightly lighter moments. I rarely utter the words.

    Thanks to Amy, though, I now use “vagina,” as a regular part of speech. ;o)

    I sure hope Tracy weighs in on this, he is a master-creative in this mode.

  7. Kris

    Even though I have read my Miller, Mailer and Kate Millet, the word ‘cunt’ (for me when I think of it and use it) does not have a feminine association.

    In my head, “cunt” = “a real nasty person”. Thus, “Mugabe is a cunt”.

    A lady’s private parts generate nothing but positive implications to my mind. I could never use cunt in that context. I like the word ‘muff’ or something far more pleasant. ‘Vagina’ is too medical.

    That said, I am aware of the broader connotation, meaning that I must tread warily.

  8. Sheila Ryan

    Kris, it may be that it’s easier for US English-speakers to use ‘cunt’ in a positive sense. Not that we don’t harness it to pejorative purposes — we do — but I think that maybe it doesn’t serve the same all-round useful purpose for us as “Mugabe is a cunt” exhibits for native speakers of English outside the forty-eight contiguous.

    Way back in response to I-forget-what post Alek Lindus hit on a helpful observation, I think, when she characterized the positive usage of ‘cunt’ as ‘Chaucerian’.

    Not that any one of us is Chaucerian, though, so maybe that doesn’t help. But I kind of like it.

    Not sure what a universally satisfactory term might be!

  9. Andricon

    I’ve heard the stereotypical small-of-the-back tattoo referred to as an “ass hat”.

  10. Cindy Scroggins

    Daryl refers to people who wear sweaters tied around their waists as hood asses.

    I remain partial to the Beavis & Butthead lexicon: butt munch, ass wipe, butt monkey. All useful terms.

    The best for me, though, are the spontaneous terms that come into existence because they have to. Veal cuntlet, for instance. You just can’t make something like that up until you see it, you know?

  11. Kathy Hilen-Smith

    ass hat emoticon= <3

    Now there’s an emoticon that could have a future on clusterflock.

  12. Amy Mabli

    A few of my favs:
    ass face
    bung hole
    dick wad

    I like using cunt as an adverb: Flattening little Tweetie with her SUV
    was such a cuntly thing to do.

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