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Perhaps the subject heading is a redundancy, but I do find it interesting scary that online gamers, like those described in the NYT article on Eve (the MMORPG), seem to understand democracy better than many real world politicians.  The same thing applies to (some) bloggers which, of course, is just another game:

“I have to tell you that I have been involved in E.U. meetings where the participants were not as prepared and professional as what we’ve seen here,” he said, referring to the European Union. “These players have approached this meeting with what seems like real understanding of their roles. They are not just fighting for their particular interests but seem to be very socially responsible in wanting to represent all the players of Eve. Perhaps some real-world politicians could learn from them.” [from the NYT’s article]

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  2. Mike D.

    What makes my Baby Jesus cry is how similar this sounds to our “real-world” democracy. (Perhaps those quotes should be reversed.)

    More broadly, however, what seemed most surprising was how seriously the deliberations were taken by both the players and the company. While in some cases CCP explained that changes in game systems were simply impossible, in others the company seemed willing to carry out the players’ suggestions.

    “So, you’d like to impeach the President for war crimes, fully fund viable alternative energy sources, create an affordable national healthcare system? Gee, that might take some time, what with this war to fund and telecom wiretapping immunity to grant. Don’t you have any suggestions involving flag burning or the gays?”

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