15 thoughts on “Bettie Page dies at 85

  1. Phil Bebbington

    Sad, but I’d take 85 if handed to me now. Strangely I snatched some movies of her off of youtube the other night with the intention of putting them to some music. Must get to that.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    What gets to me is the genuine, unforced joy on all the photos you see of young Bettie — and then the dreadful falling-off of the decades before her ‘rediscovery’. I hope that the renewed attention touched her soul in a way that eased some of the pain and ugliness of those later years.

  3. VonSmitty13

    So sad to lose Bettie so soon after the death of the also fabulous and iconic Maila “Vampira” Nurmi. So-called “sex symbols” of the current day are weak,flat and flavorless by comparison. I just will never understand the appeal of horse-faced Julia Roberts,or the utterly unexceptional Jennifer Aniston,due to their lack of style,charm,and star quality- all things that Bettie and Vampira had in spades…

  4. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    But, no, I was not laughing at her death. She seemed in recent years to be quite sad, and I hope that she has some peace now.

  5. Sheila Ryan

    Amanda Mae, we all know that you are not mean. Naughty, perhaps. Wicked (in a mischievous fashion). But not mean.

    “No pleasure but meanness” is a way, but it’s not your way.

  6. Lucy Foley

    Damn. The only people who seem to be naughty these days are people who have accidentally lost the fabric from the arse part of their knickers and who have had the remarkable fortune to run into a strapping man who is bearing leather. Where did it all go?

    (I just wandered in here. Excuse me, I’m clearly looking for the bud light thread).

  7. Phil Bebbington

    Hey Sheila and Lucy, thanks for forcing me to look up ubi sunt – always good to learn new things. I had never heard the expression before and there was me thinking I knew everything.

  8. Phil Bebbington

    Well . . . yeah (hesitant, sounds like a trap) at any given moment I am fairly confident that I know what I know right then . . . I’m gonna press enter but get the feeling I shouldn’t!

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