Bovine Orientation


I went and took a look at them cows over off Mount Hope Road, and they seemed to be pointing kinda northerly, though whether it was magnetic north or geographic north, I couldn’t say.


If I’d had my compass in the car, maybe I could have snuck up on a cow and tested her.


But I can’t recall how many degrees of declination there are between magnetic and true north here where the cows and I live, so it looks as though I may have to seek grant funding for my research.

15 thoughts on “Bovine Orientation

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    In which direction you think we should point the saxophone player?

    (Answer: In the direction of the funding.

    Ooh. Where’s that rubber chicken?)

  2. Sheila Ryan Post author

    You’re right, Dave. She might think I was a coyote or even a cougar, and that could wreak havoc with her sense of direction.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    “Sadly, from the Africa area, Oscar could still see the emus [in the ‘Australasia’ section of the zoo to which they’d been moved].”

    And so he brained himself out of thwarted love. For not one, but two emus.

    That is poignant.

    Hell, it’s the stuff of opera.

  4. Phil Bebbington

    I am generally scared of anything big enough to hurt me, should it stand on me. That includes humans.

    I’d just like to add the headless Ostrich is nothing to do with me!

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