Clusterflock Book Club

It does exactly what it says on the tin. I propose a book club, to meet periodically and mull over a specific book. It goes like this:

We decide on a book, buy, loan or steal the book or pick it off our salubriously furnished bookshelves and re-read it, set a date for a couple or few weeks hence, put the date in our little iCals or Moleskine diaries, and get together and jive about the book on the proposed date. Sort of what we do already about shit, but you know, organised.

I got the idea to do this when Deron played Santa a few weeks ago and sent four of us copies of Clusterflocker Daryl Scroggins‘ book, This Is Not The Way We Came In, free gratis and for nothing. So the first book I would like the First Inaugural Clusterflock Book Club meeting to discuss, is Daryl’s. If you would like to participate, you can buy the book at Ravenna Press. I reckon a couple of weeks from now would be the time to do it. So, if you want to hop aboard the CFBC streetcar, and you don’t have a copy of This Is Not The Way We Came In, that means you’ll have to order it, like today, probably.

So. Suggestions please, regarding medium for our book club. I have already suggested a possible Skype conference, but last I looked, Skype only facilitated five people on any given conference call. Still, I think that would be fun. Any interesting technocratic ideas are welcome. Otherwise, we can conduct the conversation in the comments – our native home – but it’s not always the most real-timey way of doing things.

So, Sheila. You have been remarkably quiet: what do you think of the Clusterflock Book Club idea?

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  1. Lucy Foley Post author

    Thanks Rick: that does look interesting and there’s a 30 day free sample but I’m leaning toward the simplicity and freeness of a basic skype audio-only conference. We don’t need anything fancy and skype is a technology a lot of people are familiar with, and have accounts with already. They’ve also worked out their information stabilising algorithms pretty well – the signal tends to remain constant. Gmail’s latest video feature is pretty great also, but it’s not set up for conferences, and not everyone is interested in a gmail account.

  2. Lucy Foley Post author

    Hey Elizabeth: your comment just came through to me now… that talkshoe looks promising, gonna have a sniff around it now… welcome on board.

  3. Lucy Foley Post author

    Mary and Dave: some good news! I have been in touch with Kathryn Rantala – Ravenna’s editor in chief – about this problem with Amazon, and she will be happy to post you both out copies of the book directly. I’ll be in touch with you by email to get details of addresses, etc. Hurrah!

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