Dispatch from NYC: Drawn and Quartered

Subway art

Silently slipped onto the subway seat next to me last night. Caption: Please tip if you like the drawing. Gave the artist my only cash, 85 cents in change. He smiled, graciously deflecting my apologies.

A college friend has set me up on her couch in Kew Gardens, Queens. It’s quiet here, and peaceful save for the little old ladies pushing and shoving for seats at the crowded deli. A half mile in the other direction, I can listen to latin radio while eating eggs at the 10-seat diner that rattles beneath the Jamaica Ave J stop. Still hunting for a place of my own, but for now this is starting to feel like home.

10 thoughts on “Dispatch from NYC: Drawn and Quartered

  1. Rick Neece

    Wonderful story. I first saw the title of this post rolling down the comments bar without the context of your picture. Scared me for you for a second.

  2. Droplet

    We have one of these in Chicago. She drew my husband on the el shortly after we met. I shook her off once myself. A couple months later she was in the bar I worked at, struck up a conversation with a woman and walked off with her Heineken.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Could be she’s the new Lee Godie. One never knows, do one?

    (No snipe at Lee Godie intended, nor at Droplet. Just an observation about art and the market.)

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