10 thoughts on “For Franklin

  1. Sheila Ryan

    I’m with Lucy. An irresistible snout. And not much in the way of dental tartar. What more could a girl want?

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Ah. Yes, Michael. Though Lucy’s snout is damn cute, and I’ll bet her teeth are pretty well free of black tartar.

  3. Lucy Foley

    Look, the dog is clearly American. He has American teeth. Mine are not the worst, but they are not American teeth. Ok, folks? The dog has better teeth than me. And while we’re at it, I can’t compete with a snout like that either. I mean, it’s just unique, twotoned for Christ’s sake. The pooch is a walking visual entertainment field. Ok? Enough?

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Lucy, your snout IS cute. Signed, Your friend who gave her own self a nose job walking into a plate-glass door. (A/K/A The Woman with the Rottenest Teeth in the 48 States.)

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