12 thoughts on “Foxes

  1. Sheila Ryan


    (I adore this, as well as the cards for the ferret and the rabbit. Very much looking forward to more.)

  2. raynor


    i never expected that one day my site would be linked to from clusterflock in a way that wasn’t me just christopher-walkening some of my own posts. and by andrew simone, no less.

  3. raynor

    thanks. that really means a lot. i have always enjoyed animal nomeclature lists, but they are always indexed by term rather than animal. i thought it was high time to reverse this!

    and the amount of animal-specific words is crazy. just wait til the sheep card hits the streets.

  4. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    fox shit needs to be re-written then.

    Found fox scumber,
    under my pillow,
    makes for a shitty slumber.

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