20 thoughts on “Speaking of Cows

  1. Lucy Foley

    They listened. They were curious. I came along to take pictures and they ran away. They could listen to free jazz but bro, they really couldn’t be put on the internet listening to it, you dig?

  2. Lucy Foley

    But what if you had a cat who went all catnipcrazy over say, Barry Manilow, Sheila? Could you stand it? Would you be able to indulge her need for schmalz, selflessly? I mean, James Brown is easy. I’ve been snubbed by horses. Horses are a tough crowd. Not as changeable as cows though. When they like something, they LIKE it.

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  4. Lucy Foley

    I have also been chased by a large herd of cows. I don’t think they meant to, but once we were all moving, there was no stopping until I got over a fence. Then we all stopped, and stared at each other, sanguinely. I love cows. I love them.

  5. Lucy Foley

    Yes Kathy. I think all of my intimate engagements with cows have been on home turf. Yes, there is something of the lizard about a cow. You can either see it or you can’t.

  6. Dave Vogt

    I put a magnet into a cow once. She didn’t like the idea, but I had large tools and larger men holding her in place.

    The mouth end, by the way. It wouldn’t stay in the other end very well.

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