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  1. Mike Dresser

    White towels are beautiful because of their unsustainable nature. The first snow fall, the sunset, crystal stemware, young beauty. “Nothing gold can stay.” I suppose it’s human to want them all, yet it comes at a high cost as a lifestyle choice. My towels growing up were undersized, grayed with age, and stiff from the clothesline…I’m still ill-at-ease with enormous over-fluffed bath sheets.

    I currently own no towels and sheets, as there was no room for them in my suitcase. My new roommate loaned me a set, and we’ll see where I go from there.

    As for precious little bar soaps, these are a nuisance. I stick to the liquid stuff. Better living through chemistry.

  2. Dave Vogt

    off-white sheets, dark towels. My current towels are charcoal (or so they called the color, not that the color charcoal often resembles actual charcoal).

  3. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    The story about Cindy putting chocolate on her eyelids is so very beautiful. The word “regal” absolutely caps it.

    I have brown and orange towels, and gold satin sheets and comforters. I got satin pillowcases to help my curly hair not look horrendous in the morning, and eventually just gave in to the entire sheet/duvet idea.

  4. Aaron Winslow

    I don’t really have a preference as to towel color, just as long as they look fresh and unstained. I have similar feelings about sheets. In both cases, I prefer that the linens be of high quality and/or have amusing design features. I’d happily dry myself off with a fresh, soft NBA Houston Rockets towel made of a poly blend and then get into a bed with 600+ thread count cotton sheets in doodoo brown. Each case must be considered individually. Unfortunately, my need to evaluate these things on a case-by-case basis has led to a tremendous case backlog. For example, I still haven’t gotten around to deciding how I feel about a brightly colored, contoured towel I used in 2004. It just didn’t seem very fresh.

    White linens are just fine, but I don’t like using bleach either and I sweat a lot and have a greasy head which makes preserving the whiteness without bleach problem-y.

    I like cloth napkins, but don’t blow your nose in them. I don’t care how spicy the sauce is.

  5. Dave Farris

    India – I know… so cool and such a simple idea. When you have a minute, have a look at some of the other muji winners. Some are so simple and obvious that it makes you want to smack your head “I coulda had a v8″ style .

  6. Daryl Scroggins

    Tiki Towels; Gray towels monogramed in burgundy thread; mermaids and colored bubbles applied to towels; gold metal thread edging black towels; beige towels with rope-stitched rope edging for a hem; towels with a triple embossed smashed-in pattern on each end, no matter what fucking color they are; towels that look more like hooked rugs than towels; checker-board towels with matching shower caps: No.

    I would like to see more towels that look like Afghan War rugs, with tanks and helicopters and AK47s on them. That is all.

  7. Lucy Foley

    The ones with the pictures of the dead babies on them? The Wish Fulfilment Afghan War Towels, with high thread count and in-built fluffiness, with the pictures of the dead Osama bin Laden on them, smashed into pieces so you can see his insides clearly?

    Will we be dreaming this?

  8. Daryl Scroggins

    We have such a rug. The tanks and helicopters on it are Russian. The rug was made after they had retreated. I imagine the next wave of weavings will also not tell the story of vast powers prevailing over the “natives.” The first rugs should have taught us something important: when facing those who can weave sand into a rug fit for a King–don’t believe that they may be easily stepped on.

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  11. Cindy Scroggins

    Afghan War towels! Y’all! We need to start a clusterflock business. This could take off.

    I’m especially fond of the rugs/towels with helicopters on them. I don’t think I’d care for the ones Lucy describes–they seem a little too war-y.

  12. Valerie


    Your grew up with white towels and white monogram towels too! Whats up with that??? If you don’t like the sheets I sent – send them back I will use them in the guest room. I guess, that explains why I didn’t get a thank-you note.

    I hope you liked the monogram shirts!


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  14. Valerie

    You are your mothers child.

    I guess this is what I get for leaving ‘interesting reads” on your bed pillows!

    Confessions of a mother.

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