A dollop from Trollope

“I know a man — an excellent fellow, who, being himself a strong politician, constantly expresses a belief that all politicians opposed to him are thieves, child-murderers, parricides, lovers of incest, demons upon the earth. He is a strong partisan, but not, I think, so strong as Mrs Proudie. He says that he believes all evil of his opponents; but she really believed the evil. The archdeacon had called Mrs Proudie a she-Beelzebub; but that was a simple ebullition of mortal hatred. He believed her to be simply a vulgar, interfering, brazen-faced virago. Mrs Proudie in truth believed that the archdeacon was an actual emanation from Satan, sent to those parts to devour souls — as she would call it — and that she herself was an emanation of another sort, sent from another source expressly to Barchester, to prevent such devouring, as far as it might possibly be prevented by a mortal agency.”

The Last Chronicle of Barset, chapter 11, “The Bishop Sends his Inhibition”

One thought on “A dollop from Trollope

  1. Sheila Ryan

    “An actual emanation from Satan, sent to those parts to devour souls” will trump “a vulgar, interfering, brazen-faced virago” every time.

    Or maybe it’s the other way round.

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