17 thoughts on “dear clusterflock

  1. alesh

    Publix down here has been carrying these pears lately. They’re shaped like apples, but they taste like pears, and they’re greenish yellow, super soft, super moist (they drip when you bite into them) and super amazing. They taste like cake.

  2. Dave Vogt

    To answer honestly, Red Delicious apples, home-grown Concord grapes, and your basic yellow banana with nearly as much brown as yellow.

  3. alesh

    PEAR. CAKE. nom nom nom nom nom….

    Yes, they taste like the most moist, delicious, pear cake you can imagine. What’s more, the TEXTURE is precisely halfway between a pear and cake. I don’t know how to explain it, but they really are that good.

    Also. PEACHES!! I can’t believe nobody has said peaches. Even if you people haven’t had my apple pears, you disappoint.

  4. James

    I just had a fresh peach for the first time last summer and holy god, the peach is an earthly delight. To think I’d been eating canned ones my entire life. I will stop there because when it comes to fruit there is no stopping me. I could talk apple varietals until your eyes glaze over…

  5. Mike Dresser

    Publix! Associated and Key Foods just don’t match up; what New York needs is some Publicies.

    As for fruit, blueberries or bananas. I love fruit, but I seem incapable of purchasing and eating it within the proper time frame. Would anyone be interested in a summer gig as my fruit intern?

  6. India

    Uh, that would have to be mangoes. Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. Kesars are my favorites, so far, but out of the >400 varieties in the world, I’ve been able to try only maybe five, so my opinion ain’t worth shit. Still, if you can get ahold of some kesars, eat them.

    Besides those, I’m fond of a good Asian pear (though bad ones abound, sadly), and a good peach, and a good pear, cherries, really fresh apples, . . . basically, I love most fruit when it’s actually good. But most of the fruit that you can get in New York City is terrible. And then, when nice things come into season and are available at the greenmarkets, like Mr. Dresser I buy more than I can eat within the proper time frame.

    The big exceptions are bananas, papayas, and durian. No, thank you.

  7. Dave Vogt

    India, does your opinion on durian come from experience with the taste, just the smell, or reports of such?

    and I agree, most fruit in the city is worthless. <3 upstate.

  8. India

    From revolting experience. I had some when I was visiting friends in Paris with another friend who is from Singapore. The latter was so excited to see a durian at the market that she paid 30 euros for it, and then she carved it up and got us to try it.

    The taste was like rotting garbage, dead mouse under a radiator, garlic, and papaya (which I already don’t like). The texture was slimy. The disemboweled fruit looked like something out of Alien. It had nothing to recommend it, except that the outside looked wonderfully scary.

    The Singaporean argued with the Frenchwoman, quite convincingly, that what one is used to does not seem disgusting, and that French people, spending their lives surrounded by foul-smelling, unequivocally decay-based cheeses that they assert are divine, have no right to scorn sweet, fresh, delicious durian.

    And yet, we still found it disgusting.

    Fine, so I have an immature palate. I’m comfortable with that.

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