21 thoughts on “naked people

  1. salvo

    I guess I’m just an old fuddy duddy, but what’s with the “I haven’t reached puberty yet” look? I can see doing some maintenance, or playing around with a “style,” but that completely bare look just seems weird to me.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    I’m kind of interested in how Manuela (age 38) describes her job: Tender Management. Hunh.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    We can be really sensitive about our feet. We women, that is.

    Did you notice the preponderance of “Be a Model” among the lists of Hobbies?

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Even though shapes and sizes vary and deviate somewhat from the unrealizable ideal, there is a faint whiff of vinyl blowing off these images that I, too, find disturbing, Phil.

    I bought you mail-order
    My plain-wrapper baby
    Your skin is like vinyl
    The perfect companion

    (“In Every Dream Home a Heartache,” Roxy Music)

  5. Cindy Scroggins

    I find it interesting that many of them seem to look much better naked than with clothing. I haven’t seen enough naked people in my life to know whether this is common, but it strikes me as a bit odd.

    Also, salvo, for what it’s worth, I’ve never understood the shaved pubis business, either.

  6. Phil Bebbington

    I’m sure this will be available for the iphone soon. Hold it up in front of a clothed person and the screen will reveal a nekkid one – probably like those XRay Specs that I spent all my pocket money on when I was a kid!

  7. range

    I really liked it. It was strange though. It would be great if there were like 400 people. 400 naked normal people, though I agree that too many of them wanted to be models.

  8. Mike Dresser

    Now howdoyasuppose they did that, getting their clothing to appear correctly above their nude bodies, or vice-versa? Some set-up like a claymation animator, perhaps, that allows them to quickly flick between the previous frame and current image? The presentation is really what makes it; were it side-by-side photos, I would have been gone in a blink. Also, the click. Tactile. I have power over their clothes.

  9. Cooper Renner

    I want Cindy and Sheila to go into “Tinder Management,” you know, kindling, twigs, chips of bark, etc. For people who are too lazy to light their own fireplaces.

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