Meet the Flockers: Dave Vogt

I like animals. Mammals, mostly, but I’ve met a few decently agreeable snakes. Tinkering on computers was my first love. I got some intelligent-sounding advice in high school that I should take my second love and make it a career so I got a BS in Animal and Poultry Sciences, which is essentially a four year course in livestock. There is much more to be known about livestock than I realized five years ago.

Incidentally, we are observing an anniversary here in Blacksburg today. The mood is different this year than last. I wonder what it will be like in three or four years from now, when no students are left who were here when it happened.

I think I’m the youngest flocker, which is a comfortable position for me. It turns out Amanda Mae is younger than me, but I guess that’s ok. I’m still young enough to be sensitive about how old I am.

I’m from upstate New York, although for a couple of years I spent most weekends in the city. I’ve spent the past three years in Virginia, and I always have to point out to people that I’m not from the city, yes we have cornfields, no the entire state is not covered in skyscrapers.

I love knowing people’s secrets.

I have seven other “Meet the Flockers” posts open to get an idea of what I should write. I like to think that I know myself pretty well, but I never know what someone else would want to know. If you wanna know, ask. I love answering questions.

Answers: Yes, I think I am younger than you, Kelsey. 1985 September 1.

I apparently listen well. Combine that with patience and the ability to keep my mouth shut, and I end up learning things about people. I guess in a way it’s less about knowing what someone wouldn’t tell other people, and more that I value being trusted.

I acknowledge that my steak was at one point warm, fuzzy, and by some standards cute. This doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is laziness and ignorance in raising an animal, whether commercially or as a companion. An animal can’t do much but be an animal. We gotta do the thinking for them.

I’m from the Finger Lakes region of New York. The nearest place to me large enough to be called a city is Geneva, the self-proclaimed lake trout capital of the world.

A mid-century looking henhouse should be fine, so long as it is structurally sound, accessible, and provides good coverage against the wind. The necklaces are probably a less-good idea.

24 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers: Dave Vogt

  1. Michael Smith

    I’m not great at math, but I think Amanda Mae might win the youngest flocker title. She’s, at least, in the running.

  2. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    I’m the baby. No one’s gonna take it away. 1986.

    Although someone said I was 22 going on 45.

  3. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    I am a vegematarian because of factory farming in America. Also, I really really hate plants.

  4. Sheila Ryan

    ‘Manda Mae’s a baby! ‘Manda Mae’s a baby!


    Hi, Dave. We saw you sitting over there, and we were thinking you seemed pretty cool. We’re excited that you’ll be sitting with us from now on.

  5. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    Sheila, the guy who said I was 22 going on 45? That was his best attempt at a pick-up line.

  6. Jonathan McNicol

    Hey, Dave, welcome! I’m confused, though. Did you just become an official ‘flocker? I’m pretty sure I’ve been following you on Twitter for quite a while. How’d that happen? Are you secretly famous*?

    Also, where in upstate New York? I’m originally from Schenectady.

    *See how that doesn’t make any sense?

  7. Amy Mabli

    Welcome to the flock, Dave. I see myself owning chickens as pets sometime in the future. How would the hens feels about living in a mid-century style hen house, and how would they feel about wearing necklaces?

  8. Dave Vogt Post author

    Thank you thank you for all the kind welcomes. I’m happy to be joining the… well I don’t know. I think some of you would probably be offended if I said “cool kids table,” and not without good reason. Anyway, it’s good to be aboard.

  9. Daryl Scroggins

    Hey Dave–I have enjoyed seeing your comments in the past, and now it will be a pleasure to see your posts too. Welcome, friend.

  10. Sheila Ryan

    Dave, I was in fact elected Homecoming Queen my senior year in high school. The principal decided not to hold a homecoming ‘coronation’ that year. Cooper Renner can attest to the truth of this.

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