12 thoughts on “implosion cycle

  1. vin.

    Elizabeth, I vaguely remember this building from my time in Pittsburgh. What building is this and what are they planning on building in its place?

  2. Daryl Scroggins

    Great clouds. I mean the real ones, rushing over the city in grand bright-edged masses.

  3. Elizabeth Perry Post author

    Daryl – yes, what I think of as a very Dutch sky – or maybe it’s the brick storefronts making me think of Vermeer?

    Vin – it was a 20-story apartment building beside Penn Ave., across from the big Giant Eagle supermarket in East Liberty. Apparently we are getting a 2-story Target there. (I’ll be able to go to Target without getting into a car – fun stuff.)

  4. Robert Ledgerwood

    I was really hoping this would be another Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video.

  5. woubie

    I love the way the clapping and yelling sounds almost the same forward or backward, but the booms sound very different in reverse.

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