5 thoughts on “Rock on.

  1. Mary Jeys

    Dude. Awesome. So metal it hurts. Also: headbanging in a speedo? Nothing more metal than that for sure. I like it better that I can’t hear Behemoth. I really feel like Dethklok should make an entire episode about this clip.

  2. Mary Jeys

    I also just die when he decides That’s it! I must submit to the calling of the immortal god of lake swimming. “Go Forth Oar! I must part with thee!”

  3. India Post author

    Well, you know how it is.

    Currents of tantric anarchy seize our bodies
    Into the cosmic dance of four scythes
    The curtains of Absurd Theatre are raised
    Synchronicity – Mother Chaos on the stage

    Or, put another way, the spirit just moves ya.

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