“Some of us have harder heads than others”

Dude in Oregon damn near blew himself to bits the other day. Clearly, not a graduate of explosives camp.

“About the last three weeks, there’s been like big, big bangs,” said neighbor Bobbie Hall. “I thought maybe they were celebrating or something and I thought it was like a shotgun.”

Carmona said he has known Hibler for 12 years. While he said Hibler may have an interest in explosives, he doesn’t believe Hibler was making a bomb for mass destruction.

“I truly believe he wasn’t making a device to hurt anybody,” Carmona said.

. . .

“He liked to make a big noise and apparently he told one of the kids he was going to make him a little firework thing,” neighbor Charlotte Scott said.

Hibler lives with his mother and sister. Neighbors said he had a similar accident a few years ago, which prompted his mother to ask him not to make fireworks this year.

“Some of us have harder heads than others and don’t get the message the first time,” Scott said.

—”Evacuation Still In Effect Near Salem Home: Hazardous Materials Being Removed from Home, kptv.com, June 18, 2009

It took them two days to clear the house of explosives. Also, um, they found a bunch of pot plants.

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9 thoughts on ““Some of us have harder heads than others”

  1. Danny

    ““I thought maybe they were celebrating or something and I thought it was like a shotgun.””

    I write this note whilst in Arkansas visiting Ricky’s family for a reunion of the Martins and related kin-folk. I haven’t seen anyone toting a six shooter, and somehow I imagine that many in attendance might be packing.

    And yet, the thought of shooting one’s “pistola” in a celebratory manner seems at best quixotic.

  2. Rick Neece

    Ah, now, Danny, my people are harmless. Some just hunt some and such. I’m purdy sure no one was packin’ today. You carried the day with the young ones, pulling out the Dominoes–Mexican Train! (I’m sure some young ones will ask difficult questions this evening…”Daddy? Who’s Danny married to? He’s fun! Momma, who’s Rick married to?…” and such.) Maybe a village in the makin’ this evenin’. Maybe OK, you think?

    Don’t let Danny color your thoughts y’all. Danny had a good time and so did I. It’s really fun to be us, here, today. I think this family rocks, y’all.

  3. Cindy Scroggins

    In case y’all’re interested, one section of How To Be A Mexican covers the celebratory use of firearms.

  4. Sheila Ryan

    ”Daddy? Who’s Danny married to? He’s fun! Momma, who’s Rick married to?”

    I dig it.

    Maybe they will do what a kid I know does when he learns that his gay ‘uncle’ (a family friend) is coming over.

    Vigorous fist pump coupled with invocations of his uncle’s name. Punctuated by explosive, repeated cries of “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

    It flatters me to pieces that the same kid regards me as ‘Aunt Sheila’.

  5. Daryl Scroggins

    I wonder how many times the government’s data-mining-for-tare-ah-ists super computer has keyword pinged on this post and its comments? Let’s all wave. I wonder if Arabic script can be used in this box.

  6. Mary Jeys

    Amy, I haven’t been to explosives camp, yet. But do not worry, I am conniving a plan to get my high school teacher to write me a recommendation for next year’s entrance. I can’t wait!

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