11 thoughts on “James Dean — Driving PSA

  1. Sheila Ryan

    This is a pretty ob-vious ob-servation, but I am reminded yet again of the kinship between James Dean and Johnny Depp. It really comes across in interviews such as this.

  2. India

    Really? Johnny Depp? I love me some Johnny (yes, Lucy, I am for serious), but I don’t see any resemblance to James Dean except that they’re both, well, . . . guys.

    Watching this clip just made me realize, though, that my friend MT looks like James Dean’s curly-black-haired brother. Who knew?

  3. Sheila Ryan

    India, I wasn’t thinking of a physical resemblance, and in truth J. Depp has grown somewhat more slick in interviews these past years. But J. Dean’s manner does remind me of J. Depp’s in some of the early (but post-Jump Street) interviews with Depp.

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