8 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Goose?

  1. Andrew Simone Post author

    Oh, I am not mad at anyone posting it, Kelsey. I am just mad that the terms I once used have been appropriated by crazies and that the press, as it is becoming more Gawker-ized in an effort to compete, actually pays attention to those crazies.

  2. Michael Smith

    That’s the problem, isn’t it. The press pays attention to those crazies (in some cases media personalities are the crazies).

  3. Lucy

    Well, the press pays attention to what is going on in this healthcare debate. Show me the republicans who are reasoning eloquently in this debate? Frankly, what is happening in the American healthcare system is nuts in itself. Anything that anyone has to say about it is always going to be secondary. And mostly, what is shouting the loudest are these people saying something along the lines of:

    Only people who can afford health insurance should get it, for they are the anointed ones. And healthcare shall be pitched at an inordinately high price level, with a constantly shifting sense of obligation on behalf of the insurance companies and mad sums of money payable to doctors. And when you actually have an accident or illness which causes you to lose your job, you shall also lose your work-sponsored health insurance, and find yourself having to choose between shelter and medicine.

    So if you come across a Republican who is talking in this healthcare debate, and they have actually got something humane and sensible to say on the subject, do drop us a link, Andrew.

  4. Daryl Scroggins

    Amen, Lucy. Perfect tone you set here too–it shadows forth the wherewithal behind the falderal.

  5. Michael Smith

    Only people who can afford health insurance should get it…

    Don’t forget they have start out healthy too.

  6. Lucy Foley

    Where is the fucking Harvey Milk of this issue? That is what I want to know. I’m pissed off with this stuff. I’m pissed off with Obama saying ‘I don’t agree’ in response to the ‘death panels’ madness. I’m pissed off with the fact that I have been lit on fire with this topic for a number of weeks now and I would really rather think about something fucking else but it seems incandescent in me still.

  7. Daryl Scroggins

    Lucy–I’m frustrated with Obama on this one too. I like the confidence he has in calm, rational discussion–but that often doesn’t work as an active approach to dealing with those who don’t have the burden of needing to be logically consistent. I keep thinking: who couldn’t anticipate the tactics likely to be employed by those who so shamelessly pressed Joe the Plumber into service? Why has nobody pointed out in front of the whole nation that America is the last of the industrialized nations to have a private healthcare insurance system like ours? That Switzerland was the last one–and they got rid of it in the 90s when it reached the point that 5% of their population was without insurance due to the way for profit insurance companies pick and exclude “clients.” And our level of uninsured is about 16%. I’m not really an anti-Capitalist–but the kind we have here sure seems more and more to be the sort that will sell timbers out of the sub floors of all our houses.

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