35 thoughts on “dear clusterflock

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Is actual bodily penetration a condition of membership? Or does it count if the goal is achieved in a non-penetrative fashion?

  2. Deron Bauman

    I think we have two questions here:

    Is sex penetrative? (Or does a definition of sex require penetration.)

    And does membership to the mile-high club require penetration?

    My tentative answers are:

    Not necessarily.


    I think probably so.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    Well, yeah. Defining the goal as an explosion, indeed, speaking in terms of a goal at all, strikes me as limiting and boring.

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Me, neither! I just like to get down and dirty wherever I can.

    Eight . . . miles . . . high . . .

  5. Sheila Ryan

    Dagnabbit, I jerked him off under cover of a newspaper between Rome and Athens. I do not recall if it was the New York Times or the International Herald Tribune, nor do I recollect the altitude. But apparently I don’t qualify.

  6. Sheila Ryan

    Hell, yeah. It was sweet. Miss you, too. Be looking for you in the shark tunnel once you’re back.

  7. Phil Bebbington

    Sheila, I’m glad to hear it was a broadsheet even if exactly which one doesn’t cum to mind.

    As for me, I’m likely to go off like a cocked pistol in all manner of locations – I have no scouting patches for the effort nor any witnesses. I guess that’s the nature of the cocked pistol – rarely witnessed!

    Did we ever explore injuries sustained during the act?

    And so to bed, uncocked and nothing in the breech! I’ll catch up with you all in the morning.

  8. Derek White

    wha? I’m the only one?

    I was young, didn’t think about it. She sort of slid over on my lap under the blanket. I think it was Aeromexico.

    How about subways or trains? I did things on BART once, but not everything. Too hard with the frequent stops.

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