41 thoughts on “dear clusterflock

  1. Sheila Ryan

    You mean Sarah Palin might cull you and me, Cindy?

    Dang. I’ll think twice next time I’m near to choosing the lamb kebabs.

  2. Lucy Foley

    Some of us would eat our own poo, also. There would be ‘types’. No one would be ashamed of it. Some of us would eat other people’s poo, openly in the street. No one would bat a fucking eye.

  3. Dave Vogt

    digitgrade feet.

    That “coital locking thing” is referred to as “tying.” It is a result of the swelling of the bulbus glandis (or “knot”) swelling at the time of ejaculation. Important because dog semen is very watery and the sperm need a few minutes (fifteen to sixty, with some variation by breed) to set up and get started on that long hike.

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