7 thoughts on “Twelve Meditations on a Dollhouse | I. Meditation on the Kitchen

  1. Daryl Scroggins

    Oh this is great, Sheila. It reminds me of some of the things Cindy and I saw at the Santa Fe children’s museum. But this is better because it’s so focused, with so many excellent details all in one place.

  2. Daryl Scroggins

    I was very attracted to doll houses when I was a small boy. They struck me as a wonderfully compact place to imaginatively hide. I was about five at the time, and I remember my father actively steering me away from this interest, no doubt wanting to ward off a slide into sissydom, as he might have called it. Later I shot my sister’s doll house up with a bb gun–and didn’t get in as much trouble for it as I thought I would. Violence an understandable developmental step in their view, I suppose.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I had a toy theater that I absolutely loved. But I never shot it up with a BB gun.

    I could make a little one-room dollhouse now, maybe, and shoot it up with the air rifle.

  4. Rick Neece

    I slid into sissydom with hardly a sideways glance at a dollhouse (but I never saw any like this one). I have however shot up lots of things with a BB gun.

  5. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Rick, what do you say we collaborate on a window dressing and then shoot it up?

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