If you see something, say something


6-year-old girl: Mom, what does that [automated bus announcement] mean “You are the eyes of New York”?

Mom: Well, it means we should look out for anything dangerous. Like an unattended package left somewhere.

7-year-old girl: Well…I see something dangerous…

Mom: Oh?

7-year-old: Snow! Someone could slip in it.

6-year-old: I see something dangerous–a bus! It could hit someone.

7-year-old: I see something dangerous–a tree! It could fall down.

7-year-old: Mom, I see something really dangerous…

Mom: What.

7-year-old: Cardboard in the street!

6-year-old: Someone could trip on it.

7-year-old: (Singing) “Cardboard in the street! Cardboard in the street! Nothing more dangerous than cardboard in the street!”

4 thoughts on “If you see something, say something

  1. Sheila Ryan

    “Nothing more dangerous than cardboard in the street!” has now replaced an earworm that burrowed into my brain a couple of weeks ago, a lyric delivered by a six-year-old singer-songwriter on a flight from Kansas City to Dallas:

    “Oh, show us the way to the pot-ty!”

  2. Sheila Ryan

    P.S. Mike, this is way better than those “Life in This Here New York City” anecdotes in the NYT.

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