25 thoughts on “iPad

  1. Sheila Ryan

    “iPad: a nice computer for my mom.” Not sure what effect this will have on sales.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Deron, when you were at my mom’s house, you could have taken those teeth we found in a ZipLoc bag. You had only to ask.

  3. range

    I won’t get one, but I will be getting a MBP 17 this year.

    It’s a device to consume media. I don’t pay for this and I don’t plan on paying for this ever again. The 200 DVDs, 2000 CDs, and 600 vinyls were enough.

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Range, I love my MacBook Pro, and for years and years (almost from the git-go). I was one of those people who scorned Apple. I think you’ll really like it.

  5. Sheila Ryan

    The click-clack of Jasper’s new false teeth on top of the syncopated clacking of all three dogs’ claws on wood floors.

  6. msilver

    I got one… it is neat and I’ve been reading a lot the past few days, but could I live without it? Yes. Do I want to get rid of it? No.

  7. Garrett

    Deron, I’m also on the fence about buying this generation or next’s.

    I’ll buy you one if you buy me one.

    Conversely, I’ll wait if you wait.

  8. Elizabeth Perry

    I did get one, and so far I like it very much. (I also have a MacBook Pro, and in my house we have 2 iPhones and an iPod Touch.)

    The iPad partly works as an intermediate device, something between phone and the laptop, a better space for reading web text and watching movies.

    But as I use it more and more, it seems like its own new kind of technology. Example: I tried to use a keyboard shortcut to save some work in Pages. No command key. I looked for a “save” button on the screen. No “save” button. Why? The work is always already saved. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to have your work saved? Why should you have to explicitly save it?

    The designers have stripped away a lot of our habits and assumptions about how technology works, and have thought about what we actually want to do. This can be frustrating or delightful, depending on the context and your point of view.

    For the most part, I’m having an awful lot of fun exploring. A ten-inch, responsive, multi-touch screen is incredible to use.

  9. Cindy Scroggins

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m really, really close to buying one. I definitely shouldn’t spend the money now (gotta buy Deron some new teeth, for one thing). But, man–I love the idea of this as laptop replacement for casual use. I hate lugging around the laptop unless I need it for work, but I can’t type for shit on my iTouch and can barely read the little screen. Middle ground is what I need.

    Deron, if I get one, I’ll loan it to you for a good stretch so you can evaluate it.

  10. Amanda Mae Meyncke

    I really really really want one too. I keep almost going to the store to play with one.

    I hope to someday get one as a laptop replacement, because I have a very old 12 inch mac that barely runs and I think an ipad with the keyboard dock would be just perfect to travel with or take to write somewhere else. I find it very hard to write at home these days.

  11. Patrick Burleson

    I caved and bought one on Satuday (I had originally planned to buy one later this year). I got the 16 GB model.

    So far, it’s been a pleasure to use. I’ve got iBooks and the Kindle app downloaded and have a few books. They read really, really well.

    The thing is *fast*. Like, crazy fast. Blows my iPhone 3G away.

    So far, I’ve bought Instapaper Pro, NetNewsWire and Plants vs. Zombies (I love that game). I definitely see this as my “reading” device around the house. As well as quick email and surfing while watching TV.

    Not going to replace what I use my MBP for, but will certainly make my web and email experience one where I don’t need the MBP.

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