6 thoughts on “Canadian Content | For Walt

  1. walt

    Wonder if that version comes in a plastic bottle with a screw cap too.

    The regular version does, and I laughed and wondered what rotgut I’d purchased the first time I consumed it. Until I drank it. Check the number of awards the stuff has, by the way.

    Anybody with $70 CDN who wants to buy me a numbered bottle of the Confederation Oak Reserve will be my friend forever.

    Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering – the weird name is because the distillery is near Forty Creek, which is forty miles from Niagara Falls.

    Trust me. I’m Canadian. My new motto.

  2. Phil Bebbington

    Walt, if I find the source of Forty Creek Whisky will I you? Perhaps bathing in it or doing eye shots? (Shudders) Is there some way of typing a shudder?

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