Sluts for Jesus

Daryl often mentions Christian Tits–scads of young women at the university who reveal ample cleavage and don sparkling crosses that hit mid-cleave.

Yesterday in the hospital cafeteria I saw a young woman wearing a skirt so tight and so short that I wondered how she was able to walk (especially given the 4-inch stilettos she was wearing).

So I was looking at her as I waited for my veggie burger, pondering the physics of it all, when I noticed she had a tattoo of the Christian fish with an embedded cross on her upper rear thigh.

Can someone tell me what the fuck it all means?

18 thoughts on “Sluts for Jesus

  1. Deron Bauman

    I posted somewhere in the last year or two about a study that shows female Christians have more sexual partners than male Christians or non-Christians of either gender. I should have gone to church more in my twenties.

  2. Cindy Scroggins Post author

    Yeah, but what do you think it is that causes them to place Christian symbolism on their sex? Do they think it makes it more okay, or more taboo, or what?

    And, yeah, you totally blew it, dude.

  3. Joel Bernstein

    Cindy: I haven’t eaten a donut in months, but I guarantee if I went on an Absolutely-No-Donuts diet, I would soon be thinking of little else.

  4. Cory M

    I was raised in a Christian environment and am still a Christian today (31, male, single, no kids). Here’s my opinion:
    Kids in “the church” are taught to stifle ALL sexual urges. Obviously, this is unhealthy for the guys, but it also has crazy effects on the ladies. Since we (men) are trained to avoid noticing the sexiness of women, the ladies who want to get their attention by means of their body have to try harder and harder. This leads to a ramping up of effort from said chicks and restraint from the guys, until some breaking point is reached.
    Then, the girl is labeled a slut and ostracized. So she basically says, “fuck it” and just goes all out and actually becomes a slut.
    The approach that the church has traditionally taken in this area (at least in my lifetime) has necessarily lead to extremes: sluts and prudes, with very little middle ground.

    It’s just a theory, but I’ve seen that played out a few times in churches I’ve attended.

    Jesus didn’t talk a whole lot about sex. He tended to concentrate more on forgiveness and love. That’s something that today’s churches are beginning to embrace. Hopefully, that will lead to fewer Christian Tits.

  5. Cory M

    Amanda Mae, thanks for that link – I hadn’t seen that before. I was nodding in agreement through most of that. A similar fable could be written for guys too.

    Joel, check out the “weigh down diet” and its founder Gwen Shamblin. That’s some messed up stuff there.

  6. Michael Lang

    Amanda, that article rings all too true. I have to admit, the attitudes towards sexuality & relationships purported by the community I grew up in still haunt my view of Christianity today.

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