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So, for the past month or two, I’ve been working on a project to commemorate the five-year anniversary of clusterflock. I wanted a way to capture and present a little of the history of the site, what has happened here, since we first came online. Every once in a while someone would say, you should do a best of clusterflock book. The idea of that excited me, and also was overwhelming — how would I, or anyone, jump into the archive and sort through the posts and come up with anything that approximated anything?

One day, though, it occurred to me — a from the comments book — a brief snapshot of some of the conversations and observations that get started here. We always joke about coming for the posts, and staying for the comments, and the more I thought about it, the better it felt to have some of those comments speak for themselves.

So, that is what I have done. I have culled through the from the comments posts — the from the comments theme really only got started about three years ago — and, with some minor editing, have made a book out of them:

The books are hand-made, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. It’s been a while since I made a book, and I quickly remembered the details and decisions and labor involved, but the truth is, I love it, the process, the final product. I think it turned out well. (A quick note of thanks to Aaron, who helped think through the design, Sheila, who proof-read the text, and Amy for thousands of moments of encouragement and support.)

I’ll be sending a copy to each clusterflocker as a small sign of the appreciation I have for what we have created here. The book, the site, none of this, would be possible without the involvement of all who post and comment and pay attention. I am glad to have you. I hope you enjoy the book.

Price: $15.95
Shipping: $3.00
Pages: 119

58 thoughts on “from the comments — The Book

  1. Rick Neece

    Deron, this giant’s in Illinois. I will let you know how it arrived when I get home. (Gosh, I’d nearly get in the car right now and drive ten hours with turkey dinner tomorrow un-et, to see it. Airline tickets Friday notwithstanding.)

    Would y’all find it corny for me to say I love y’all, I’m thankful for y’all? Because I do, I am, for real.

  2. Carole Corlew

    I am Cece come lately to Clusterflock and The Book is allowing me to catch up on the conversation I missed before. I’ll be laughing one minute, amazed the next, then suddenly I stumble across my own name. I’m there!

    It is beyond a thrill.

  3. Kelsey Parker

    My copy was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home from that midnight shift before Thanksgiving, so I didn’t rip into the package until yesterday morning. I wanted the space. It didn’t survive the padded mailer on either end of the spine, but all that matters to me is the depth and connection I feel from every page inside. Thank you, Deron! This book is art and, for me, a timeless treasure. Flockers, you are loved. Family.

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