4 thoughts on “headline of the day, II

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Bembenek worked briefly as a Playboy Club waitress in Lake Geneva before becoming a police officer in Milwaukee, where she married detective Fred Schultz.

    Around the time Bambi was working at the Lake Geneva (Wisconsin) Playboy Club, I actually went there with my then-husband and my friend Steve. We hated it. It was like how I imagine Deron’s and Amy’s cruise experience.

    There was a machine you could use to stamp any slogan you liked on a medallion, and we used it to make a medallion imprinted PLAYBOY CLUB SUCKS SEVERELY.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Joel, that was way too many characters to fit on the medallion.

    (But I’m telling you, the Lake Geneva Playboy Club was a precursor of the sanitized Las Vegas.)

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