4 thoughts on “Marcel Broodthaers: Interview with a Cat (1970)

  1. Cindy Scroggins

    I always love it when co-workers have to come into my office to see why I’m laughing. Or, in this case, why I am laughing with a foreigner and a cat in my office.

    I couldn’t explain it, of course.

    I once had a delightful conversation with a Frenchman who was visiting a mutual friend. His English was about on par with my French, so we communicated like 2-year-olds. We ultimately told each other how animals speak in each of our countries. Cows say moo in France like they do here (though they pronounce it wrong), but cats don’t say meow. They say mio, mio, mio.

    I am multi-cultural as well as visionary.

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