Naomi Harris: America Swings

A friend’s paraphrasing of this episode of WFMU’s radio show Too Much Information from last night:

I was listening to the radio and Benjamen Walker (the host guy) was talking about some photo on the playlist page, and so I glanced over to look at the page I didn’t look at when I opened it two hours earlier. Just then he said to the photographer he was interviewing, “The people in your photos of American swingers don’t look like average Americans; they are, like, 300 pounds overweight, white, kinda crazy and distracted, and, well, really, they look more the Tea Party than any other group of Americans, even if they are crawling around their living rooms having group sex while they watch football on TV and drink beer.” As I was glancing at the photo, the photographer generally confirmed that, yes, the people in her photos were, as a rule, in the Tea Party.

I did not need that. Nooooooo…

The photographer being interviewed is Naomi Harris. If you are over 18, or under 18 with the ability to sense a trick question, you can page through her book, America Swings, at the Taschen site.

Please note that just because you can does not mean that you should. I’m just saying.

8 thoughts on “Naomi Harris: America Swings

  1. SC

    Ms. Harris claims that photo is not staged. She ate dinner with the swingers, was too stuffed to even think about sex, kinda faded out in an easy chair, and then came to when she figured out that not everyone was watching the football game.

    …interested to learn the extent of overlap with Actors, Models & Talent for Christ…

    No. I do know need to know that.

    And if I was a reporter covering the Tea Party, I’d make sure to wrap up interviews well before dark.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    SC, I inserted a link into my comment previous to yours. Just in case you change your mind about Actors, Models & Talent for Christ.

  3. SC

    I clicked on that link Ms. Ryan and, no, I did not need to know that.

    I am convinced, now more than ever, that Jesus is coming soon.

  4. SC

    Yes, I did notice that the slogan of the AMTC SafeHouse Outreach program is “Providing a Hand-Up, Not Just a Hand-Out”. Enough. I suspect everyone at AMTC uses Ms. Harris’s documentary photos for their head shots.

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