Miss Lucy Foley, up-and-coming diva

Lucy (and Ross! and some friends of theirs) had a gig in NYC on Friday, at which they Tore. It. Up. I commemorated the occasion with a bunch of wobbly pictures. Fortunately, Lucy’s so gorgeous and has such poise that either of my cats could have taken a whole roll of good ones of her.

Once again, ladies and gents, you can hear and buy Lucy’s album, Copenhagen, at lucyfoley.com. So how about you go do that?

11 thoughts on “Miss Lucy Foley, up-and-coming diva

  1. Lucy Foley

    They are great! Virpi took 175 photos with a very nice SLR and I’m really looking forward to seeing those, but these are really remarkably good!

  2. India Post author

    Well, and it only took me about 250 shots on my busted-zoom* little POS to come up with these sixteen okay ones . . . All that which is good about them is completely attributable to your smoking hotness.

    * Busted ever since I dropped it in the parking lot right after dinner on the first day of CFstock the First.

  3. Sheila Ryan

    I quite like these, but I also beg of you to buy a toy camera for the cats and to encourage them to photograph Lucy. Or photograph anything they like.

    A Shironeko Holga might be a nice choice.

  4. Rick Neece

    Fabulous! To see Lucy in her element. Wonderful. Perhaps one day, I’ll get to see her in person, and be invited backstage because she knew I was in the audience. Or if she’s ever in KC playing, we’ll hold an after show party at our house. Nothing would please us more.

    Rock on, Lucy!

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