February 11, 2011

from the moderated comments

What is really missing: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is one of the most translated and read authors of our time, be it his fiction or non-fictions books. Contrary to the New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright, L. Ron Hubbard never even tried to make a living out of bias and rumors but is known for straight and honest communication with his readers and left it up to them to make up their own mind. As he said, “I have led an adventurous life and it would possibly be entertaining to read, but I doubt such a work would shed any background light on my researches and would not clarify my intentions or why I developed Dianetics and Scientology… . My intentions in life did not include making a story of myself. I only wanted to know man and understand him. I did not really care if he did not understand me, so long as he understood himself. I was the lesser part of my project. Some say this is unfortunate, but I do not find it so. I did not live to be understood, but to understand.” How right he was when he wrote this in 1966.