The Order of Myths

A film by Margaret Brown. Trailer:

The whole film’s available for instant play on Netflix, or to rent or purchase from iTunes.

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6 thoughts on “The Order of Myths

  1. SC

    My father lives in Mobile. I recently had this conversation with him

    SC: Dad, I saw that movie, The Order of Myths, about Mobile Mardi Gras. You might enjoy it. I learned some things.

    Dad: I haven’t seen that but I’ve heard something about it. It’s some kinda racial incident that happens in the movie. I forget what but it’s a racial movie, right? People around here weren’t too happy with that movie.

    SC: Hmmmm. I don’t want to give away the plot but, um, Dad, how many Mardis Gras are there in Mobile?

    Dad: What do you mean how many Mardis Gras? There’s no problem with race in Mobile. We just have Mardis Gras. Everyone has Mardis Gras. I can’t remember what the racial incident was in that movie but that racial business is why people here didn’t like it.

    SC: Dad, How many Mardis Gras parades are there in Mobile?

    Dad: Well, there’s two, the black one and the white one.

    SC: Dad, How many Mardis Gras Kings, Queens, and Balls are there in Mobile?

    Dad: Well, there’s a black king and queen and a white king and queen and there are black and white balls for them.

    SC: So, Dad, do you think a documentary about Mardis Gras in Mobile might include some “racial business”?

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