4 thoughts on “smokestack

  1. Cindy Scroggins

    I love your cityscapes. The sadness in this one pulls at me in a good way.

  2. salvo

    I still have an unopened can of Iron City beer from sometime in the ’70s, with a wraparound team photo of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the words, “Super Super Super Steelers.”

  3. Susan Batterman

    Elizabeth, I live in Dallas now, but I grew up in Pittsburgh and used to live in Friendship, so many of your sketches are wonderfully reminiscent for me. Also, I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sunday, and there were folks handing out small cups of beer in front of the old brewery. It was almost mile 23, but I had to drink the beer just to say I did. It was good beer, so not Iron City, probably from The Church.

    salvo, I also have an old unopened can of Iron City beer, and I will say from experience that when it comes to old steel cans, “unopened” does not necessarily mean “still full of beer”. Best not store that on anything important.

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