June 29, 2011

“a deep remorse that you ever doubted him, and a profound appreciation for his contribution to the continued awesomeness of the world”

To prove to you that you love him, Michael Bay knows that he must turn everything up to 11,000 this time around. He has to blaze a pure, bright after-image of his Bay-ness in your mind, so that you walk out of the theater blinking and spitting up lung pieces and knowing what the fuck Michael Bay is all about. Your eyeballs will be twice as bludgeoned. Your adult diaper will be twice as heavily laden! This time, it’ll be in 3D! All of the excesses from the previous two films will be doubly in excess — except for the hip hop Autobots, who are gone.


  1. Michael Smith on June 29th, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    I found this via someone’s Stellar.io feed. So, thanks to those people. If I can piece it all back together I’ll update.