9 thoughts on “headline of the day

  1. Deron Bauman

    I was trying to think what word could be coined for this.

    The first word used was “Grippy”, and has changed to include, among others, “Megamerican”, “Lincolnish”, “Superstantial”, “Flagaphile”, and “Factose Intolerant”.

  2. Michael Smith

    Fact: Bald eagles live in Alaska
    Fact: Sarah Palin is from Alaska
    Fact: I heard she might have killed a guy
    Fact: Bald eagles have tried to kill postal customers
    Fact: The Post Office is an example of big government
    Fact: Sarah Palin hates big government
    Fact: Birds are smart and easily trained

    Seems like eagles trained by Sarah Palin to attack supporters of big government is the only logical conclusion.

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