10 thoughts on ““But, Andrew, you’re an affable guy”

  1. Deron Bauman

    Like, how would you ever get past the web-net of language you constructed in order to show-hide yourself enough to intimidate-trick someone into a date. Not you. The people in the advertisements.

  2. Daryl Scroggins

    This is great fun to read, although it’s sort of like looking at wrecks along the highway. Inventing these things is actually a great way for a writer to invent characters. “Lonely guy seeks goat. Must be piebald and Duchampish.”

  3. Cindy Scroggins

    This seems a good place to say I’ve been singing “Tyrone” ever since yesterday afternoon. Y’all should hear me. I’m singing it right now in my office.

    I’m gettin tired of yo shit
    You don’t never buy me nothin

  4. Amanda Mae

    I’m sorry I super love the n+1 personals.

    I think I must have been in a contrary mood these past few weeks but I love dancing girls and fat baby and I love these and I love ever-thang!

    Oh Cindy. Submit that to n+1.

  5. Cindy Scroggins

    I submit to no one.

    I pay your way
    And your homeboy’s way
    And sometimes your cousin’s way!

    Uh, you bedda call Ty-rone
    –call him–
    And tell him come on
    And help you
    Git Yo Shit

    I sing my own backup.

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