40 thoughts on “Iowa State Fair Update

  1. Sheila Ryan Post author

    I’ll check our local Culver’s to see if it’s on the menu. As part of a Pecan Turtle combo.

  2. Joel Bernstein

    It’s not on the official Culver’s menu, though you could probably buy a burger and a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and assemble your own.

  3. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Michael. I read your mind. A friend and I have been pondering vegetarian (and near-vegan) versions of Swedish smörgåstårta. I will update you as necessary and desirable.

  4. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Sold with those little pellets of food coloring that the state of Wisconsin used to require all the way into the 1960s? As demanded by the dairy lobby. So that people would be forced to see margarine in its natural (unnatural) state and would know that it was NOT BUTTER.

  5. Sheila Ryan Post author

    So long as you do not exploit an animal, I think it qualifies as vegan. You can do anything you want with peanuts (and other nuts) and with olives and, I assume, with any and all manner of seeds. Press them to death and extract their oil.

  6. Joel Bernstein

    Which is one reason I can never become a vegan, my brain would instantly try to compensate for the missing foods by devising The Least Healthy Vegan Menu Ever.

  7. Sheila Ryan Post author

    Speaking of one particular group of oilseed cultivars, my Wisconsin friend Sandy used to buy seed for her grandpa’s canary, Peter. She always bought what Grandpa said was Peter’s favorite. Rapeseed.

    And we laughed.

    Okay. Over and out.

  8. Michael Smith

    Ok. Fried butter on a stick is vegetarian, but it’s just a fried food.

    I was more requesting something like fried butter on a stick between two grilled cheese sandwiches topped with macaroni and cheese.

  9. Michael Smith

    One of the annoying things about being a vegetarian, apart from the explaining that “no, I do not eat fish,” is that everyone assumes it means I don’t eat food that is unhealthy.

  10. Michael Smith

    The best was the time I asked the server at the chinese restaurant if something was vegetarian and she looked at me kind of funny and said, “Yes, it has vegetables.”

    “No, I mean does it have meat in it?”

    “Oh! Oh! No. No. No meat. Just pork.”

  11. Sheila Ryan

    Michael, you shoulda been along with us years ago at the taverna in the little Greek village when my then-sister-in-law inquired about vegetarian dishes. Our server, at least 6’6″, glared down and uttered the words, “Meat. Only.”

  12. Cindy Scroggins

    My favorite was the time I ordered something with no chicken, it was served with chicken, I pointed it out, and the server told me it was okay, they wouldn’t charge me for the chicken.

  13. Michael Smith

    There’s a Papa Murphy’s (take and bake pizza for those who might not know) by our house and they always send us coupons for Pepperoni Pizza. The coupon makes a pepperoni pizza cheaper than a cheese pizza. So I regularly go in and order a pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni. Last time the guy at the cash register said, “You mean a cheese pizza?”

    “Like that,” I said, “but with this coupon.”

  14. Carole Corlew

    Well. Sister brought a bag of Krystal burgers into her lake house, said “want some?” and I went into a sort of fugue state and ate two. Then I remembered I don’t eat that sort of thing. It was a slip. Dang they were good, though!

  15. Casey Cichowicz

    Michael, your pepperoni pizza story reminds me of when Subway had a “get one 6″ sub, get another one free” coupon. I went in, ordered a 12″ sub, they made it, and when I got to the register, presented my coupon. They said I couldn’t use it, because it was intended for two 6″ subs and I’d just ordered a 12″ sub. I protested, saying that I thought I was saving them time by not ordering two separate 6″ subs, and I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one. But they just didn’t understand.

  16. Erica

    Carole, Krystal burgers are sooo good. It’s one of the few reasons I wish my sister still lived in Boca Raton.

  17. Carole Corlew

    Erica, aren’t they? One of the Shoppers Food Warehouses actually had them for a while, frozen, not far from here in Northern Virginia. I introduced them to Mr. B. and his band of hooligans and they liked them, so I served them at a kid party. A couple from Tennessee I know had a bunch shipped up for a cocktail party at a museum.

    Although really you need to get them hot off the grill for the full-on crack cocaine of hamburger experience. I mean, how many people ended a wild night sitting in the parking lot with a “sack” of Krystals. Well, near the end of the night, anyway. Heh heh,Erica.

  18. Sheila Ryan

    “Between your knees,” as I recall. Or my knees, in this instance.

    I bet that line was rewritten.

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