Meet the Flockers: Tim Carmody

Deron said he was going to offer me a Clusterflock login before he heard I got a job, so I said, crap, don’t let that stop you, I blog all over. Color me Flocked.

1. I’m a media and technology writer;
2. I have a BA in Math and a PhD in Comparative Literature;
3. I was born in Detroit in 1979 and (mostly) live in Philadelphia (since 2002);
4. I sometimes write at;
5. I almost always write at;
6. I like poetry, indie rock, comic books, old hip-hop, and NBA basketball;
7. I think chicken is delicious.

I’m happy to be included in my favorite social network that isn’t one.

Ask me anything.

27 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers: Tim Carmody

  1. Rick Neece

    If someone wants to make ginger cookies in the shape of the c’flock logo I’d buy some. I’ll talk to Danny, I might need new work over the winter.

  2. Rick Neece

    Deron, are gluten free ginger cookies dessert? Or a snack? Would you buy them? If they were high-fiber and sugar-free? Can they taste good? (I’ll have to consult Danny.)

    Can a business model be built on seasonally available (e.g. winter only) gluten free ginger cookies in the shape of the c’flock logo?

    Don’t mind me. I’m brain-storming. And conducting market research. All y’all’s input is welcome.

  3. Carole Corlew

    Look at that fantastic little boy! You too, Tim. So, math AND comparative lit. I can see why you blog all over. So I guess you know about things like Fermat’s Last Theorem and can wax eloquent too?

  4. Tim Carmody Post author

    @Carole: It’s true. I even got to teach a class at Penn a while back on math & writing. We read Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach.

    @Sheila: Damn right.

  5. Erica

    Welcome Tim! Love your work. Rick, we should bake some gingersnaps. I have a mold we can make a cookie cutter out of.

  6. Amanda Mae

    I don’t know. I mean, like… he said. I ran into a ladder with my face the other day. It SEEMS improbable. No, very likely.

    Did you see that video about the game of thrones special effects? I diiiiid.

    Like, he’s at some Hollywood party with piles of coke right now. I am reminded of Woody Allen sneezing into the coke and it flying everywhere. I kind of got into it tonight with someone at a different party. Told them How To Live. I was right though and she knew it. I can only be right about other stuff. Sorry Tim, hi.

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