A Sexy Little Halloween

Grace and I have been discussing tentative Halloween plans the last few days and the concept of “sexy” Halloween costumes inevitably came up – not the plan to wear them per se, but their origins. Has this always been a thing?

That illustration is by Jillian Tamaki.

9 thoughts on “A Sexy Little Halloween

  1. Sheila Ryan

    It hasn’t always been a widespread thing, except maybe in gay gathering places when the only adults who donned costumes for Halloween were gay. And gay people were pre-Stonewall homosexuals.

    I must say I like the sexy underemployed contract worker costume. This Halloween I can just disguise myself as myself.

  2. Kelsey Parker

    I wonder if I’m already wearing sexy inexplicable melancholy. At least for the last few weeks. I can’t stand the sexy costume thing, though I may find I have more compassion for it with Sheila’s insight.

    I used to think I couldn’t stand sexy costumes because of my body image issues, but then I realized that I actually just can’t stand seeing women present themselves as meat. Mostly ever. I’m working on this.

  3. Michael Grant Smith

    The Sexy Hungry Man Dinner is funny because it implies there could be anything sexier than a Hungry Man dinner all by itself.

    It has pre-gravied potatoes, people. Some kind of meat that could be turkey or pork but you’re not sure. Green peas like old East German ball bearings. You can eat your friggin’ dessert FIRST if you want to.

    Yeah, baby.

  4. Ruhee Dewji

    Hahahaha. “Sexy inflammatory email” is amazing. This is a great illustration.

    I hate the “sexy” costume trend too … what is the point? For some reason on October 31 it’s totally acceptable to wear your underwear and cat ears and walk around in public. Gross.

  5. Aaron Winslow

    This year I don’t have the energy to put together the slutty, zombie, ballerina turtle costume that I have in my delicious brains.

  6. Sheila Ryan

    Posted to Williamson County (IL) Freecycle list by BeckerTwins:

    OFFER: Adult Womes Halloween Costumes (Carbondale). One Gentalmen’s Officer Coustume size M/L and one Punk Witch Costume fits up to a dress size 12

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