from the spam

Then she suddenly hears the noise a few minutes later. Amy walks out of her apartment to the next door apartment and knocks on the door. Then she hears the noise get louder. Amy tries to open the door but it is locked.

5 thoughts on “from the spam

  1. Michael Grant Smith

    Then she knocks harder but can’t feel her fists because the blood has drained out of her hands. Amy tries to call out her neighbor’s name but can’t remember it and gasps something not like words instead. The sound of her voice dies in the corridor. Then suddenly a news helicopter crashes into her apartment next door.

  2. Sheila Ryan

    Yeah. Well. There was the TSA nightmare I had last night.

    “Coagulates in your throat.” And forces a confession out of you.

    They transferred me to the St. Louis airport. Lambert. My friend and former boss from southern Illinois was there, and I trusted him to put things right.

    But the part where they put my head under the blanket with the map pattern: that was bad.

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