9 thoughts on “Astronauts Falling Down

  1. Sarah Pavis

    It’s like nerd night on Americas Funniest Home Videos. Now I want to watch (non-lethal) chemistry experiments blow up in scientists’ faces.

  2. Michael Smith

    Casey, while I didn’t watch moon-landing conspiracy videos today, I did google myself and ended up reading websites that claimed Michael W. Smith, Contemporary Christian Artist, is training throngs of satan worshipers for the end times followed by reading about how organizations that support family planning are really fronts for population control…

  3. Rick Neece

    Michael, I followed the Michael W. rabbit hole a little while.

    “I can’t say much, but I can say I love the Lord.”

    (My testimony in Sunday night testimonials, age 13 at our baptist church.)

  4. Joel Bernstein

    One of the interesting things about low-gravity conditions is that while you have less weight, you have the same mass, so it becomes much easier to accidentally punch things/people/yourself until you get used to it.

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