Meet the Flockers: Garrett Miller

I’ve been dipping my feet in the Flock waters for the last week, but the time is nigh to introduce myself. I’ve been a somewhat peripheral participant in Clusterflock for some time now, most notably my inadvertent naming of our esteemed anonymous account.

To keep it brief, I was raised on a sheep farm in Maryland, lived briefly in Ohio and have been spending my most recent years in Washington, D.C. I’m a designer and software engineer by day and spend my free time drawing on windows, illustrating, taking pictures, and spending far, far too much time on the internet.

My tastes are frighteningly in line with those of our own Andrew Simone. Hopefully the foot-stepping is minimal as I enter the Clusterflocking fray whole-heartedly.

13 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers: Garrett Miller

  1. Jonathan McNicol

    Hey, Garrett. Welcome for real. Are you on the Twitters? Do I follow you already? It’s entirely possible that I do.

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