Meet the Flockers: Sarah Pavis

Last year, when I happened upon this post in Google Reader I felt like the internet was playing a trick on me. Some sort of digital Oroborus. Something I shared in Google Reader made its way out and in to one of my favorite blogs? How did this happen? OH RIGHT. The internet is made of people. Awesome people, as I soon discovered when I started stalking following some of my favorite bloggers like Andrew and Tim on Twitter. They followed me back for some reason and now we’re internet friends because that’s a thing. And that’s evolved into having fun playing Minecraft with Andrew & Dave. So I’m very happy to be joining Clusterflock because I was running out of stalking outlets online gathering places.

SO: Formal hello! My name is Sarah Pavis. I’m an engineer & writer living in Chicago who went to school in Massachusetts and grew up in Connecticut. If you think this means I’m a smart, well-off liberal who pines for rolling hills and foliage then you are correct because all stereotypes are not-so-secretly true.

Most of my interneting the past few years has been on Google Reader. This URL isn’t worth much now but if you’d like I can hook you up with a JSON file that you can peruse over a cup of coffee & a SQL database if you want to become better acquainted. Or you can check out my Twitter where I complain about Google Reader, my cat, Google Reader, television, and Google Reader. If you’re on the newest, biggest, boringest social network might I also trick you into following me like I evidently did +4000 other people.

If you Google my name most of the results are me except for that one girl who rides a motorcycle and lives in Florida. She doesn’t know it but she’s my internet nemesis. Her and whoever owns and won’t sell it to me. In your Googling you might stumble across one of any of a dozen blogs I’ve started that now lie in various states of abandonment. I’ve made sincere promises to all of them that I’ll come back, treat em’ right, clean the cobwebs out of their CSS, stuff ’em full of content, and pound them with so much traffic it’ll make their site counters spin. Though, for now, they remain fallow. But I’d never do that to you Clusterflock. I love you, baby.

17 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers: Sarah Pavis

  1. Sheila Ryan

    Hey, Sarah, I’m in Chicago every other week, and I love kitties and clusterflock and my relatives are mostly in Connecticut, so how about we get together for, you know, coffee or a museum visit or something? Nothing heavy, no pressure. We could see how we hit it off and take it from there.

    Also, I am female, under-employed, and old enough to be your mother. Inclined to multiple, simultaneous romantic entanglements.


    As the spider said to the fly.

  2. Sarah Pavis Post author

    Thanks all, so glad to be here!
    Hoping Clusterflock can be my Google Reader methadone. I’m getting the shakes, not enough to read and share.

    Hey Sheila, I’m gonna wait 3 days then get back to your comment. (Call me? Let’s do this.)

  3. Jonathan McNicol

    Sarah! Welcome!

    And let me just say: I’m pretty sure this is my favorite Meet the Flockers post yet. (No offense to any of the rest of you. Or to me either.)

    Out of curiosity, where’re you from in Connecticut?

    And Sheila: Whereish are these relatives to whom you refer?

    I live in New Haven, in case y’all’ve forgotten.

    And I never use the word ‘whom.’

    Nor the word ‘y’all.’

    Nor the word ‘nor.’

  4. Sheila Ryan

    Jonathan, the relations are mainly around Hartford: Wethersfield, West Hartford, Newington, Glastonbury. Those places.

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